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Why you should WOD at THE BOX by MCYCLE?

WOD - The Box By MCycle

We sat down with Abdiel Donoso, one of the amazing coaches at The Box by MCycle, to discuss why he wants you to train at THE BOX as part of your fitness program.  Abdiel is certified as a Level 1 Crossfit Coach.

Abdiel Donoso, The Box by Mcycle CoachAbdiel, what do you like most about the WODs at THE BOX? 

For one, you have a coach at THE BOX and you are working out with a small group so it’s a different vibe than the regular gym.  The environment is really exciting.  The other key thing is we do a lot of functional movements using large muscle groups so you get more in a shorter period of time.  Many typical gym goers who come to THE BOX are shocked at how much they get out of one of our 15 – 20 minute workout versus the hour or more they are used to spending in the gym.

Who is the ideal customer for this type of workout?

Anyone who is interested in learning and pushing themselves.  If you want to get stronger and faster and dramatically improve your fitness performance, come try a WOD.  People who have a background in weightlifting and gymnastics also really love our workouts because we incorporate both.  We do a lot of skill work to constantly improve on our techniques.  We incorporate metabolic conditioning, olympic lifting and gymnastics in the WODs.  Sometimes all 3, sometimes only 1 or 2.  There is a competitive nature too so if you like to compete – whether it’s with yourself or others – you will love The BOX environment.

Even the fittest athletes discover an area they need to work on so there is always room for improvement.  And I promise you, you will never get bored!

Why should people give it a try?

We do a lot of movements that you may have never tried so you will get out of your comfort zone.  You won’t get the same kind of intensity at a regular gym.  We also program the workouts to improve on certain skills that you use multiple ways.  We have benchmark workouts we do every 6 – 8 weeks that you log so you can see your improvement.  We focus on form to ensure you are doing the movements right and won’t injure yourself.  Besides the benchmarks, the WODs are constantly varied which keeps it fun.

Do you have to be in great shape already before you try?

No.  Every exercise can be scaled which means we modify the weight or the exercise.  The key is to keep coming and work on your form.  You will see progress and before you know it you are doing the Rx movements.  And who knows, maybe you will want to compete which is really fun.

How do you get started?

We start everyone with our 3 Day Fundamental Program.  It’s 3 Days of the 9 Different fundamental movements, mixed with other exercises and then a mini WOD at the end to put it all together.  Once you finish the fundamental program you are ready to join the class.

What kind of commitment do you need to make to get the benefits?  

It really depends on how your body responds.   We recommend 3 days in a row, 1 day of rest or 4 days in a row, 2 days of rest.  We definitely recommend listening to your body and giving it time to recover which will help you perform better.

What are some of the challenges new members typically face? 

We get a lot of really fit people who have been working out forever and they come to THE BOX and think they will immediately excel here.   It usually doesn’t happen that way.  You may be great at cardio but all the weightlifting and gymnastics are new to you and you aren’t good at it at first.  So you get frustrated.  In my experience, those that come in with an open mind, give it time and keep working at it find a new level of motivation and performance.

What tips do you have for your current students so they get the most our of their workouts?  The Box by MCycle

3 Key Things:

  1. Log everything so you can track your progress.
  2. You are only as strong as your weaknesses.  So work on them.  The things you don’t like are the things you should spend extra time on.
  3. Ask for help.  We are here to coach you, so ask us.

What are some of the common misconceptions about this type of workout?

That you will get hurt.  The biggest reason people get hurt is they are too busy being competitive and not working on their form.  Also working out somewhere where there are too many people in the classes and you don’t get the proper coaching.  It’s really important to focus on the mechanics of the movements and do it right.  Form always trumps weight.

Any last comments?

Just come to THE BOX and WOD.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

THE BOX is located at 6020 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33143.