Train for life

One word for training success: INTENSITY


Sum up effective training in one word. INTENSITY. Intensity is the single factor that will take your workout from “hum-drum, run-of-the-mill, going through the motions” to explosive.

Let’s break it down into the simplest of terms. Intensity measures the amount of energy you expend while exercising. In other words, how intensely you work out measures how hard you are working. The harder you work, the better the workout. It’s all about how much effort you put into your training.

Let’s use running as an example. Let’s say your normal workout is to go for a 30 minute run that covers 3 miles (give or take). You usually get a good sweat going, and you huff and puff a bit, but it doesn’t stretch you to a point that you need to stop working to recover before you can start again. You can pretty much just run for thirty minutes and recover quite quickly when you are done. Perhaps your mind even wanders to other things while you run.

Now take those same 30 minutes and I only want you “working” for half of them. Minute 1 – Run as fast and as far as you can. Minute 2 – Walk to recover. Repeat cycle 15 times. Get ready…because this is where the intensity comes in. Think about every single step you take when it’s time to run. Dial in to your thoughts, your breathing, your trainer. Are you working hard enough? Could you be pushing yourself just a little harder? Why aren’t you pushing yourself harder? Go, go..GO! See the difference?

If you put everything you’ve got into those 15 minutes of work, you will get more out of your workout than a 30-minute jog. Oftentimes, when working at such high intensity, you will find that your workouts are even shorter than 30 minutes. The idea is to work as HARD as you possibly can for shorter periods of time to get the highest quality workout.

The benefits are numerous. Shorter workouts. See results quickly. Your body will continue to burn calories long after you are done.

If you are working out longer than this with little to no results…it’s time to turn up the INTENSITY!