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Fitting The Box into your MCycle schedule

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Make fitting The Box by MCycle a priority in your workout schedule each week. You know what they say…if you fail to plan you can ultimately plan to fail. The Box by MCycle has made it easy for you to avoid this. Make it a priority just like you do all of your visits to MCycle. We are a part of the MCycle family here at The Box and we want you to experience an explosive and dynamic way to work out. We PROMISE that you will take away great things from your training with us. You can just add to the list of options you have here at MCycle!

When you think The Box by MCycle, think INTENSITY. High intensity interval training to be exact. We specialize in functional movements, combined with excellent training by CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches, performed at high intensities. You will push to your limits and beyond them with various types movements. Gone are the days of working out one-two body parts for 90 minutes a day. Get an ENTIRE FULL BODY workout in an hour or less. Every time. We promise!

This workout is similar to what you may have already experienced in our H.I.T. or circuit training workouts at MCycle Gym. We will warm you up to increase your flexibility and mobility and then it is time to WOD! We post the Workout Of the Day (WOD) to our Facebook page daily. From running and rowing to box jumps and rope jumping, rarely will you repeat the same WOD twice here. You will also learn proper Olympic weightlifting techniques and apply them in each day’s WOD. Unlike exercises like long distance running or cycling that focuses one training specific discipline, the WOD’s at The Box incorporate several different movements in each WOD. The intention is to always change it up and always keep your body guessing.

Come check us out after your next workout at MCycle. There is always room for one more awesome athlete inside The Box by MCycle. Add a new dimension to your MCycle training today!

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