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Monthly Archives: July 2014

5 Foods to Help Burn Belly Fat07.30.14

Eat these foods to help target belly fat You’re eating better, exercising and generally just making healthy lifestyle choices, but you just can’t get rid of that belly fat. We’ve all been in that situation where we feel like no matter what we do, that pesky belly fat just will not disappear. Losing fat from

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Learning to Cut Sugar07.14.14

Not all calories are created equal Too many of us have gotten into the habit of constant calorie counting. While it’s definitely important to watch your calorie intake, it’s not the only thing you need to think about. We wish we could say that a calorie is a calorie, but in reality it’s not. You

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Are You Overeating?07.03.14

3 Reasons You Overeat and How to Avoid Them Take a minute and think about something. Why do you eat? Apart from the obvious “to survive” answer, we would bet that you’re eating when you’re emotional or when you’re out in a social setting too. We’re not saying not to go out to eat with

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