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Monthly Archives: May 2014

How Social is Changing the Fitness World05.23.14

Social is Redefining the World of Fitness Whether you’ve been focusing on your fitness for years or you’re just starting, you probably think of working out and eating healthy as individual effort. YOU cheated on your diet over the weekend and YOU skipped the gym because you were just too tired. Individually, you need to

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5 Tips for Eating Healthy Anywhere05.09.14

When you think about eating unhealthy, it often goes hand in hand with eating out. When looking at a menu, many of us are going to pick the delicious looking burger over the plain looking chicken, but therein lies the problem. Yes, restaurant menus usually have way more unhealthy options than healthy ones, but they

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4 Best Wearable Fitness Devices05.01.14

If you’re interested in fitness, you’ve probably heard about wearable fitness. Wearable fitness is changing the way we exercise and communicate, and we’re really only just on the surface at this point. It includes everything from smart watches and health monitors to pedometers and activity trackers, but if you’re new to the wearable fitness trend,

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