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10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Box by MCycle

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If it wasn’t challenging, we wouldn’t be doing it. You are in The Box by MCycle. We are the first ones to know how difficult it can be to get here at times. We also know that if you REALLY want something then you will make it happen. Wanna make the most out of your visit every day? We want you to. We have 10 quick tips to get you IN, get you WODing like the beast you are, and get you OUT so that you can conquer your world!

  1. Show up - Sounds simple right? Many times we make it so hard on ourselves to get to the gym that we give up and don’t go at all. Maybe you had a bad day at work, or maybe you don’t think you can handle it, or you’re tired, or you’re sore. Those are ALL excuses and you know what they say about those…
  2. Put weight on the bar and challenge yourself - Really!? What are you waiting for!? This one is especially for the ladies out there. Put down the body bar and pick up a barbell. Don’t let those rubber plates scare you. You are stronger than you think and until you push yourself to higher levels, progress will be slow in coming. C’mon…we’re waiting.
  3. Don’t prejudge anything based on the WOD and other’s finishing time- This is your workout. Don’t decide that the WOD is too easy or too hard before you have even done it. Don’t compare yourself to the person next to you. Don’t compare yourself to the fastest time on the board. Compare yourself today to YOU and only YOU! Many times you will be surprised at your own accomplishments just because you gave it a go, even if you don’t think you can finish.  You have to start if you want to finish.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help & don’t wait to be coached – The Coaches have their eyes on everyone at all times during a WOD and that is the time for you to WORK. Coaches go over the WOD each day before we start. Do you feel uncomfortable with a movement? Ask for proper technique and then demonstrate it for a Coach BEFORE YOU WOD. They are certified and qualified to help make you a better athlete. Most importantly, you will have the knowledge you need to stay injury free while you WOD.
  5. Enlist a buddy – Accountability never hurt a one of us and it won’t hurt you either. Find someone that shows up consistently on the days you do and make a commitment to one another to keep showing up. When you know that there is someone counting on you to get to The Box every day, there is higher probability that you will show up.
  6. Know/Measure your progress (PR’s) - What is your MAX dead lift? Snatch? Power clean? Do you even know? You should. You need to keep track of you progress so that you have a measure of what you can improve on. Now with cell phones being as awesome as they are, you can just type it in while you are still in The Box. Done.
  7. Get here early - Nothing like running in at the last minute and not having any time to roll out that sore shoulder muscle before you start punishing it again. Can’t you just give yourself a 10-minute head start from wherever you are coming from? It will set your entire frame of mind right because you will have a chance to take a deep breath BEFORE you start.
  8. Mobility need to be addressed each time, factor in the time for it – Not just before you WOD either. Take just five minutes at the end of your workout (while your muscles are still warm) to stretch yourself out. You can use the foam roller or just hang from a pull-up bar for 30 seconds and just breathe. Yoga poses are also a GREAT way to keep yourself flexible for the next WOD.
  9. Try the movements that scare you most - Do you roll your eyes when you see movements like muscle ups, handstand push-ups, or wall walks? Have you even attempted movements the Rx way or do you automatically go to the scaled down version? Have a coach watch you (and spot you if you need it) and get some feedback. Then work on those weaknesses and attempt it again. Eventually after enough practice, you will get stronger and stronger. You can never accomplish what you don’t attempt!
  10. Sign up for something - Whether it’s a Charity 5-K race (why don’t you raise some money for them while you’re at it too?), or a mud run, or an extreme fitness competition…get out there. Look at something 3 months down the line. Sign up for it today. Train and work towards that day as your ultimate goal. Come Race Day, do your best. See how that gets you in here a little more?

We want you to enjoy your time with us every day. We want it to be quality time that you spend with you on bettering yourself. Take yourself to the next level in every aspect of your life. When your fitness game is locked and loaded, you know you are killing it in all the other areas. More confidence, better attitude, more energy, that good tired feeling you get from working out, and more time on the sand.